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Buying Tips For Individuals:

The kits provided on this site are great educational tools in helping to learn basics of electricity, magnetism and electronics. All of these kits are extremely simple to build. Kits #1-4 are the simplest and are suitable for beginners. Kits #5-7 are also easy to build, however they are based on a more complicated theory and may be used in high schools and even at college/university level.

If you want to see how all these different motors work you may be interested in buying Kit #8. It includes the parts necessary to build all of the motors (not at the same time).

If you need an electric motor for a school science project you may select any kit. However, a good science project requires a lot of experiments. You may compare two or more of these motors. This comparison is valid and accurate as all the motors share the same mechanical design. You may visit the About Us section to see how Stan's project looked or you may order the Project CD that contains his complete project information. For your project you may select any combination of kits # 4, 5, 6, and 7.

You may also compare any of the brushless motors shown on our web site to the conventional motor. It could be a simple conventional (Beakman's) motor - we provide a kit to build one. Or you may choose one of the industrial brushless or conventional motors that we also offer at our ordering page. If you plan to conduct experiments you may purchase one of the experimentation kits. With experimentation kit #1 you can build a variable speed reed switch motor.

Every kit includes all parts necessary for complete motor assembly. However, if you plan to experiment with these motors, you may want to order backup parts in case that any of them break. The parts that might be broken include the reed switch, hall effect switch, optointerrupter, and transistor.

Buying Tips For Organizations:

As of October 2011 96 universities, schools, and other organizations in the United States and other countries successfully used our kits in educational process.

There is a volume discount for large orders, which is calculated automatically:

15 - 49 kits: 5%
50 - 99 kits: 7.5%
100 or more kits: 10%

Purchase orders are acceptable from educational organizations.