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6 Digit RPM Counter Kit

2 chained counters

Kit contents

Usually the speed of the motor in RPM requires 4 digits*. To display quickly this number two or more counters may be chained together to make 6 or more digit counter modules (with increment of 3).

The top picture shows 6 digit counter. Main counter (shown on the right) is the same as standalone 3 digit counter. Secondary counter is more simple as it does not use counter module (small PCB with its parts which is not shown but still supplied). Second battery is not needed.

This is the kit (shown on the picture below) that includes all components and assembly instructions. Requires one standard 9 Volts battery (not included).

* It is not necessary to have more than 3 digits to calculate the speed of the motor. A simple way to calculate RPM speed using only one 3 digit counter module is explained in the instructions supplied with 3 digit counter kit. 6 digit counter only provides additional convenience.

This is an electronic kit that requires soldering iron for assembly. Please note that original digital counter kit was developed by another company and therefore we do not provide any additional technical support besides its use for RPM measurement.